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  • Summary: Challenge other players in this unique turn-based game that is equal parts dexterity and strategy!Trickochet is a dexterity-based flicking game, reminiscent of classic games such as Shuffleboard and Crokinole, where you are pitted against another player in a race for points. You are armed with a variety of other pieces, and using their unique abilities you must capture your opponent's Core piece to score. Be careful though, winning a point earns a new piece for your opponent to use against you. Only through skill, strategy, and maybe a bit of luck will you be able to emerge victorious!Features:--------- Play online against friends!- Play head-to-head in local games!- Test your skills in four different arenas!- Enjoy stylized sci-fi inspired graphics and particle effects!- Use Reboots to get the perfect shot! Expand
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