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  • Summary: ??? Free for a day! ???Take a tour around the Universe in unique logic game "65" with outstanding graphics. Perhaps, this is the best logic game for iOS. The goal is simple - complete the magic square that is equal to 65 adding numbers vertically, horizontally and main diagonals by putting purple chips from right field to open spots on left field. Meanwhile grey chips will be static. Sounds pretty simple, but will you be able to accomplish it? FEATURES DIFFERENT LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY Pick your difficulty level that you think fits you. Improve your results and publish it in "Game Center" HINTS If for some reason you can't find a right solution for a long time you can always use a hint. It will guide your mind in right direction. MORE THAN 300,000 OF UNIQUE SQUARES You will never find yourself playing the same square as before RESULTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS IN GAME CENTER If you set a record for a level without using hints and exiting the game, your result will be shown in the Game Center. All difficulty levels except "Beginner" are participating in score statistics. UNIQUE INTERFACE Enjoy the colorful cosmic animations and pictures Great minds have been amazed by the beauty of this mathematical phenomenon for around 4000 years. And now you have an opportunity to try it out. Challenge yourself and be the best among all. Emprove your brain! Expand
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