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  • Summary: The Hunger Games: are you as big of a fan as we are? Prove it with - Hunger Games Quiz! We’ve put together over 200 questions from the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy. Our questions will challenge even the most die hard Hunger Games fan! Check out these awesome features:?? Features ??? Over 200 questions from The Hunger Games? Questions will NEVER repeat in the same round? Trophy system that rewards you as you play!? Post your scores to Game Center and challenge your friends to beat your high scores? Three awesome power-ups? Skip - Not sure what the answer is? Skip it? x2 - Double your score for that question? Show - Question got you stumped? Reveal the right answer? Two game modes so you can choose to play how you want!? Classic? Three lives? Endless questions? All 3 Power-ups available at the beginning of every round? Power-ups refresh after every 10 correctly answered questions? Blitz? Answer as many questions as you can in 60 seconds!? Begin the round with a random power up available? Earn more power-ups as you playNow go out and prove what a huge fan you are with - Hunger Games Quiz!PS: Once we've hit our first 500 downloads we will add many more questions, a new game mode: Arcade, and new achievements!** and the 3rd parties associated with this game are not associated in any way to the official authoring parties. Expand
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