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  • Summary: *** Now on half price special offer! ***

    It's bath-time in your pocket with Turbo Duck for the iPhone/iPod touch.

    Guide Turbo Duck around the pool using the iPhone's accelerometer and touch-screen controls. Collect the flags to gain extra time, while avoiding the toy boats,
    submarines, mines and other hazards that slowly fill the pool. Make use of your Duck’s amazing turbo boost for extra speed. (Trust me you don’t want to know how he does it!)

    **NEW**! Free-play mode lets you practice, play with the water and feed your duck! Double tap the screen to drop some bread.

    Turbo Duck features:

    * 20 Levels of bath-time fun
    * Bobbing boats
    * Submerging (and surfacing) submarines
    * Exploding mines
    * Bonus Bread (Ducks like bread!)
    * Online High score table - compete for a world ranking!
    * Brilliant 3D graphics
    * Realistic and interactive water

    Can you complete all twenty levels and get the highest score?

    "Great 3d graphics and beautiful rendered water" - gamedroid.net

    Video preview - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f14hj-zhGTo

    **NEW** Try before you buy!
    TurboDuckLite is also available now, 3 levels for you to try for free!
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