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  • Summary: ?=================================?
    Enhanced Control & UI!
    ?=================================? TruboGrafx-16 classic games are back! First release includes “Bonk's Adventure”, “Gradius”, “R-TYPE”, “Military Madness” & many more!
    Enhanced Control & UI!

    TruboGrafx-16 classic games are back!
    First release includes “Bonk's Adventure”, “Gradius”, “R-TYPE”, “Military Madness” & many more!
    Now available on iPhone, iPod touch & iPad!
    Demo games are available for you to try out on a daily basis! More titles to be added soon!

    "TurboGrafx-16 GameBox" is compatible with;
    - iPhone 3GS or later
    - iPod touch 3rd generation or later
    - iPad

    ?Exciting lineup!
    TurboGrafx-16 GameBox is a free app with 16 unlockable games*1 within the app.
    All time classic games right at your fingertips!

    *1 One free game and 15 paid games.

    ?Featured Game
    A game is featured every day that you can demo.
    Start the app and find out what’s featured that day on the title screen!

    ?Quick Save
    With the “Quick Save” feature, you can easily save or load your game anytime, anywhere!
    On a coffee break? Great, time for you to get back to the GameBox right where you left off!

    ?User Friendly Gameplay
    There are 4 screen types and 3 control settings to choose from.
    Games can be played both horizontally and vertically, also playable on iPad!


    16 Titles in TurboGrafx-16 GameBox
    - World Sports Competition by HUDSON SOFT ?Free Game?
    - Gradius by KONAMI
    - Salamander by KONAMI
    - R-Type by HUDSON SOFT
    - Bonk's Adventure by HUDSON SOFT
    - Bomberman '94 by HUDSON SOFT
    - New Adventure Island by HUDSON SOFT
    - Vigilante by Irem
    - Ninja Spirit by Irem
    - Military Madness by HUDSON SOFT
    - Victory Run by HUDSON SOFT
    - Soldier Blade by HUDSON SOFT
    - Jaseiken Necromancer by HUDSON SOFT
    - Dungeon Explorer by HUDSON SOFT - World Class Baseball by HUDSON SOFT - China Warrior by HUDSON SOFT ? More titles will be added in the future, so please let us know what YOU want to play! ---------------- << Notes >> - In some cases, certain features are different from the original TurboGrafx games on iPhone 3GS and the 3rd generation iPod touch. ---------------- ? TurboGrafx is Registered Trademark of HUDSON SOFT COMPANY,LIMITED. ? All other company or product names are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. All rights not expressly granted are reserved. ? All the images are for display only and may be different from the actual in-game images.
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