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  • Summary: Attention Moms and Dads!!!

    Turkey Time Lite is a fun and educational multi-game app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    1) The Turkey Time Quiz game tests your Thanksgiving knowledge with 10 questions ranging from America’s early history to fun facts about Thanksgiving. All of the
    questions are animated with audio spoken by a Pilgrim character. Your highest score is recorded and bronze, silver, and gold trophies are awarded to the user (your child) for positive reinforcement.

    2) The Turkey Time Puzzle game features 2 scrambled Thanksgiving works of art that need unscrambling. This game will keep your child occupied while helping him or her learn about Thanksgiving. The easy-to-use touch interface makes solving the puzzle both fun and challenging. Each puzzle has three levels of difficulty. Once a puzzle is completed it advances to the next difficulty level.

    3) The Turkey Time Riddles game is a super fun collection of 10 Thanksgiving riddles and jokes. All riddles and jokes are animated with audio spoken by a cute little turkey character.

    ***Main Features***
    -- 3 games in one app
    -- 10 Thanksgiving quiz questions
    -- 2 puzzles each with 3 levels of difficulty
    -- 10 Thanksgiving riddles and jokes
    -- Educational and fun

    ***You can upgrade to the FULL Turkey Time suite that features***
    -- 50 Thanksgiving quiz questions
    -- 20 puzzles each with 3 levels of difficulty
    -- 101 Thanksgiving riddles and jokes

    RGA Creations appreciates your business and hope you enjoy Turkey Time Lite. For more information on our other apps go to www.rgacreations.com
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