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  • Summary: Twitch - The addictive quiz reaction game for one to four players, download now for unlimited fun!

    Twitch tests your reaction skills to the limit, pushing your brain to new extremes. Featuring a unique multi-player interface, Twitch lets you play against three other friends using just one
    iPhone or iPod Touch. 


    • Up to four players can compete on a single device
    • Brilliant single-player mode with rewards and high-scores
    • Eye-blowing visuals
    • Addictive, mind-bending, reaction-action gameplay
    • Star reward system that rates every Twitch
    • Challenge friends to a game anytime, anywhere
    • Perfect for family outings, at parties, or just on your own
    • Total control over your game settings
    • Super-fast loading, no waiting around


    Twitch takes seconds to learn. Place your finger on the reaction pad, leave it there, and wait for instructions. The game will ask you to Twitch for “Animals” or “Flying things” or “Things heavier than you” or one of many other mind-twisting possibilities.

    Players are shown beautifully drawn objects that might match the description. The faster you lift your finger for the right object, the more points you score. It’s simple to grasp, and fiendishly addictive to play.


    Twitch is brilliant in single-player mode, but there's no need for your friends to miss out on the fun. Twitch includes a unique multi-player mode that lets up to four friends compete at once. Four people can play Twitch at the same time, on the same iPhone, because of the special way we've designed the game. 
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