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  • Summary: Ulappa shuffle is an app made to replace cardboard cards when playing texas hold'em poker with your friends.For the ultimate experience you should use your own chip-case for betting.It's all the fun of playing holdem, but you never ever have to shuffle or carry a deck of cards again.Just connect all devices to one iphone hotspot or other wifi network and start playing.Shuffle is:An electronic card deck for playing Texas Hold'em poker at home, cabin, boat, plane, train or so on.Shuffle is not:And internet poker game with no faces to talk to. Features:- 52 card pack of cards without jokers- Peaking for cards to keep the ultimate poker feeling- Easy to use dealer function for deal, flop, turn and river- Folding without having to shuffle the cards all the time- Calculating the round winner- Authentic poker feeling just like playing with real cards- A-W-E-S-O-M-E time with your friends !!!Does not feature:- Shuffleing the cards all the time because Jack allways folds before flop! Easy to use:The app is very easy to use.First you have to connect all the devices to a wifi network. Remember you can easily turn your iphone into wifi hotstpot.After this one of you is the dealer and all the others connect as players... Dont worry the dealer gets to play as well. Dealer just has to deploy flop, turn and river for everyone by tapping the deal button every now and then. You just enjoy the authentic feeling and go all in if you like! Support:For support we kindly ask that you visit our website @ www.ulappa-apps.comLike us @ facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ulappa-Apps-Oy/451531524888270Updates:Are coming soon with more great features!!!UNTIL THEN, ENJOY THE POKER EXPERIENCE WITH...ULAPPA SHUFFLE Expand
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