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  1. Feb 3, 2014
    This game is bad.
    I'm not saying it's awful. But it's bad. The problem is simple: when you're making a game which is part of a franchise you
    have to follow a lot of unspoken rules dictated by the players who played other games of the same.
    Now, this is especially true if the franchise you're working on is a great legend and one of the first of its genre. It's hard, and having to do something with it must not be simple.
    BioWare tried. They really tried, but they have utterly failed.
    Ultima Forever is a reboot, meaning it throws away all the nine-plus two-plus two (not counting the Game Boy and Commodore ones) games that quite a lot of people loved and really looked upon in order to start again and make things anew. Of course they started with Quest of the Avatar, where even in the original games the story actually started to make sense.
    Shame is that the game has literally nothing to do with the Ultima universe as everybody already knew it. Classes are not right, world is not right, lore is not right. Everything is wrong, but if we're talking of a reboot then it's actually acceptable. You can do that. Of course you will make quite a lot of fans pretty angry, but you can. But then again, as a "all-new" game again this Ultima Forever doesn't shine: the gameplay is really shallow, utterly boring and, as EA is pretty known for, has a freemium policy which actually means that you will have a fun time only if you pay your little sack of money. But of course people won't do that for a game that doesn't give anything back. No satisfaction. No rewards.
    The original Ultima IV did? Yes. Even finding a single rune in Ultima IV made you jump with satisfaction. This game won't, because it's just another "touch here, kill the monster" game.

    Truly a shame what EA did to a glorious old franchise.
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