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  • Summary: An intense and strategic multi-player game. Choose your characters, build your team and take to the streets to face hundreds of players LIVE! Learn to master your characters, anticipate your opponents' moves, scare them with powerful bluffs, and final victory is yours. More than 7 million players all over the world!

    "...a perfect fit for the iPhone"
    Touch Gen (iPhone Game Network)

    "…Urban Rivals innovates iPhone MMOs even further with cross-platform integration and card battling."
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    > Build a unique team :
    Ninjas, pirates, pro athletes, aliens, military, gangsters and more… choose from hundreds of characters, each with their own specific style, power, strength and weaknesses.

    > Train your characters :
    As your characters gain experience after each fight, their stats improve, devastating powers are unlocked and their appearance changes. Each character features incredible illustrations inspired by anime, manga, comic books, hip hop, and other modern art styles.

    > Challenge millions of players :
    Each fight lasts just a few minutes. It's perfect to play all night long or in short bursts. Thousands of players are waiting for you, any time of day.

    Features :
    - Intense and strategic fights
    - More than 500 characters available
    - Many game modes : Training, Survivor, ELO, Tournaments...
    - An interactive tutorial to discover the rules easily and fast
    - Trade your characters with all the other players on the Market
    - A worldwide community, with hundreds of opponents online 24/7
    - Thousands of high-quality illustrations
    - Several tools to talk easily with your friends
    - Purchase extra packs of characters on itunes or with Credits won in the game

    Your first steps into the game :
    - Create your account
    - Receive your first 8 characters
    - Learn how to play with Kate
    - Challenge other players

    Urban Rivals is also available on the web : www.urban-rivals.com
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  1. Sep 1, 2013
    It's a nice game, where you earn credits easily, good gameplay.
    if you have a good strategy you will be addicted to this game.One of the best
    browser games of strategy. Expand
  2. Nov 20, 2012
    Nice gameplay. Interesting concept.
    -Dead game, Unfriendly to new players. You'll get stomp over and over by high level player.
    Matchmaking failure due to low population.
    -Non paying users can't really compete with paying users. Cards power range vary too much. Low level player/non paying are snack for high level players. You're very likely to suffer 10+ losing streaks quite often. You won't feel like skill is involved at all (and you'll be right)