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  • Summary: Imagine a cross between Tetris and Diner Dash, multiplied by one thousand in terms of awesomeness and you have Valet Hustle.

    You play the role of Ren or Akira, who run their own valet business. Help build their business and make the move from Tokyo to New York. You have to park cars, pickup
    customers and solve puzzles against a backdrop of increasingly impatient and wealthy customers.


    #1 Top Game in the Factory Games Office
    #1 Most played game at the Factory Games founder's house

    Featured on the Factory Games website as the best game of the decade.


    "I don't own an iPhone, but I'm sure it's really good, love." - Founder's Mother

    "Valet Hustle is pretty good. I guess I'd pay a dollar for this." - Lead Developer's Fiance

    "Okay, okay! Your game is really good, now can I go out with my girlfriend?" - Art Director's Son

    "Stop bugging me, I'm trying to sleep. Yes, your game is great!" - Founder's Wife


    Super addictive puzzle action.
    A Manga comic book come alive.
    Six 3D levels set in Tokyo and New York.
    Electronica soundtrack, but if you get bored you can listen to your iPod tracks.
    Incredible sound-effects, guaranteed to only get vaguely annoying.
    Cool cut-scene movies and a very unique storyline.


    This game features gay and lesbian protagonists.

    We're big supporters of the Human Rights Campaign and their battle to give gays and lesbians the same marital rights as heterosexuals.

    If this sort of thing offends you, please don't buy this game, and email any complaints to:

    We'll post the best of them on our website.
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