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  • Summary: Now, the hero’s struggle is boring.Enjoy three heroes at the same time!Have three strong heroes at the same time!The strategically responsive play in accordance with the situation, making use of three heroes. respectively specialized in attack, defense, and healing powers.+Pleasure of unusual skills and sweep attack!Have thrilling feeling thrilling feeling from strategic skills such as blood sucking, teleportation, and bullet absorptionand a strong plane destroying randomly!+ The unit production system in the troop typeAdd the element of the number fighting customized in accordance with the type of enemiesby adopting the method producing the unit by troopafter standing by for a certain time,not a regular unit production method.+Unforeseeable enemies who become smarter come in flocks.Your should fight against much smarter and more wicked enemies such as boomerangs, meteors, and explosive hammers.+ Game modeServe modes such as an escape strategy, a hero mode, a kidnapping strategy are in ready.+ SynopsisThere were the days that the tribe of darkness and humans coexisted together.But, after long years, humans driven by territorial expansion and avarice had gradually increased…Finally, the balance of peace comes to collapse due to human attacks pointing at vampires’ necks.At the time that the whole earth is colored with vampire bloods,vampire bands who survive to the last are sending a ray of light in full strength to the top of the grave that the ruler lusting after human bloods has fallen asleep a long time agoin order to remove a seal. As soon as a streak of light split the earth,the coffin that he falls in sleep was split right and leftand there was a man who stood up in the coffin.He is “Luke”, the hero of vampires.The tribe of darkness competed preparations for revenge.The counterattack against humans will be started from now on. Expand
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