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  • Summary: Nobody likes vampires, everybody likes heroes! Slay the evil hordes in this awesome tower defense game!You are Captain Greg, the glorious hero adventurer, on a mission to defend the Gates that lead from the Vampire Underworld to the world of the living. YOU SHALL NOT PASSSlay werewolves, Vampire Bloodsuckers and their Minions, upgrade your skills and build Defensive Towers – stand the night at any cost! DEFENSE WITH A TWISTVampire Rush is an explosive combination of Tower Defense and Survival Action genres. Improve your sword combat skills, gain special abilities and don’t forget to place your Towers wisely to survive countless Vampire hordes! UNIQUE LOOKSStunning 3D environments and amazing high definition visual effects mixed with a vibrant color scheme make this a genuinely gorgeous looking game!Features:•4 upgradable Tower types. Use on the map to form your main defense;•8 upgradable skills, including special abilities like Fire Powder, Freeze Re-agent, and more!•5 enemy types, from Vampire Minions to terrifying Dark Lords and Werewolves;•Amazing 3D visuals: stunning sword fights, dungeon environments and special skill effects Expand
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  1. Jun 1, 2011
    With a few tweaks, Vampire Rush could easily be the best action tower defense game in the App Store. As it stands now, it's still a solid and enjoyable first effort that's worth checking out, just be prepared to deal with more than a few frustrating moments.
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