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  • Summary: Video Charades is a FUN FILLED game for family and friends! Impersonate your favorite celebrities or act out famous movies among other tasks, then challenge your friends by sending your videos and having them guess your secret word. A hilarious way to stay connected to those you see everyday and those you wish to see more often. Earn points and prizes by keeping your winning streak alive. Regardless of your busy schedules, you can have game night every night! "Way more fun and addictive than Draw Something!" - Anna S.FEATURES:*Play with friends on iPhone and iPad!*Record yourself impersonating a person or acting out a word or movie title*Send videos to your friends and have them guess what you are doing*Turn-style Play - take turns making and sending videos*Increased Video Time - increase your video time to showcase your fine acting skills and create your own Oscar worthy video!*Streak Rewards - keep winning streak alive between you and your friends to earn points and cool prizes!*Post funny videos on Facebook and Twitter!*Push Notifications - be alerted when it's your turn to guess or make a video*Multi-functional Dynamite - can be used to get rid of extra letters on the "Guess" screen or to have another word be selected from the Category Board.RULES:1. You may speak or make audible noises.2. No speaking or mouthing the word you are trying to have someone guess.3. Record yourself acting, gesturing, mimic-ing, or impersonating the person/thing you are describing.FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: Expand
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