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  • Summary: Are you up for what reviewers are saying is the word challenge of the decade? Does your vocabulary need improving? Can you easily find words in a word? Who said learning couldn’t be fun? Vocab U is the intelligent word game that combines a Vocabulary Puzzle Game with the popular Word Scramble and Find-A-Word Games that will truly test your word knowledge.

    The object of the game is to solve fifty word puzzles (10 words in each of 5 levels) by using one or more definitions to find an answer that is hidden in a Scramble Word. The words become increasingly challenging, as the levels get higher. You must solve all ten words on a level before moving on to the next level. You can slide back and forth between words at any stage of their completion.

    The game can be played at your own pace or against a clock. You won’t be without any help if you need it. Vocab U offers letter hints and added definitions to get you past the tough ones.

    Vocab U is challenging and full of words you might not have known before. Try it and see how smart you are.

    • Two game modes: Classic and Clock Crunch
    • Each game has 5 levels of 10 words each
    • 250,000 words and definitions to pull from
    • Each new level has a different Scramble Word
    • Drag & Drop Letters for easy play
    •Second definitions offered to help with the hard words
    •Letter hints, as many as you can afford
    •Postings to Facebook & Twitter


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    “Coming Soon” WORDSNAKE Scrabble without borders
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