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  • Summary: War has come to the peaceful world of word games. Bombs fall from the sky, while thieves pillage and plunder without remorse. Will you be brave enough to face the chaos that is… War of Words?

    War of Words is the next generation online crossword game. It starts with the turn-based
    word spelling gameplay you know and love – and adds bombs! Have you ever wanted to blow up your opponent’s words? Or maybe steal some words for yourself? Now you can. War of Words is a free, ad-supported game. You can disable ads with an in-game purchase. INNOVATIVE NEW GAMEPLAY: - Start with the standard online crossword gameplay you know and love - Your letter rack is extended to 8 tiles - Bonus letters help you grab more points - No longer limited to just letters – War of Words introduces Action Tiles! - Bomb Tiles let you destroy your opponent’s letters - Thief Tiles allow you to steal words from the other player - Drop Land Mine Tiles to catch your opponent unaware - Play your own Multiplier Tiles to get the score of your dreams - Reverse Tiles let you play a word backwards - Start Over Tiles let you start a word anywhere on the board – without connecting to another word - Use an Extra Turn Tile to play two turns in a row - Barricade Tiles let you block strategic locations on the board - Wildcards can be multiple letters at the same time - …look for more new tiles in the future! FEATURES: - Multiple different board layouts! New boards will be introduced regularly - Play online with up to 30 friends at once, or play at home with friends using Pass and Play - Start a Random game to get into the action fast - Online leaderboards let you compare your best scores against your friends – and the world! - Over 50 achievements to keep your games interesting - Word definitions for those crazy plays - Supports multiple different accounts on the same device - Coming soon: universal app support for iPad A TRULY SOCIAL EXPERIENCE: - Instantly start a game with any of your Game Center friends - Online chat - Push notifications let you know when to play - Invite friends using Facebook, Twitter, or email - Find friends using your contact list, their email address, Game Center nickname, and more REQUIREMENTS: - Supports third generation devices and above: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd Generation, iPod Touch 4th Generation, and iPad - Requires an active Game Center account - A connection to the Internet is required (cellular or Wi-Fi) TROUBLESHOOTING & HOW TO PLAY: - If you have questions about how to play the game, tap the More button and select Help (from within a game) - If you accidentally closed a tutorial and you want to see it again, tap the More button, select Settings, and tap Reset All Tutorials - If you don’t want to receive random challenges, on the main menu go to Account Settings and turn off Accept Random - If the game freezes, crashes, has a difficult time connecting or gives you other trouble, first try restarting your device - Next, make sure you have a good connection to the Internet - If you’re still having problems, send an email to support@wolf-studios.com You can watch the trailer, connect with other players, and more at: www.wordswithbombs.com See you on the battlefront! Expand
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  1. May 27, 2012
    What makes this game completely unique is the beauty of a well polished/easy to navigate game (finally someone gets it!) and the intrigue of combining a word game with strategic action tiles. Warning: This game is for the grown ups who have always wanted more out of turn based word games, not those looking for just the next copy cat of scrabble. Once you've played with bombs, reverse tiles, extra turn tiles, and more you will never go back to the boredom of a classic word game. This is the first turn based iOS game I've never stopped wanting to play no matter how crazy life gets. Expand