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  1. Feb 2, 2014
    For starters, when I first saw the design of the game I didn't know what to think. The backgrounds and atmosphere looked unbelievable, with a beautiful color scheme and that perfect blend of abstraction. My problem was with the minimalistic designs of the characters. Unlike the relatively more realistic models of the original game, this Watch Out Eggy has an overwhelmingly cartoonish and simplistic approach to the characters. Very little shading or detail is done on the models, which I assumed would be a major letdown considering a majority of the gameplay involves talking with the characters. However, I was surprised at how much I grew to love the design and fluid animations each character possessed, as well as the top-notch voice work that accompanied each one. This, along with a mesmerizing, yet haunting, score creates the perfect atmosphere for the mystery.
    The gameplay is also top-notch, though lacks the intuitiveness of its predecessor. You still play the role of the detective, interviewing witnesses, finding clues scattered about the dilapidated swamp, and piecing together deductions until the murderer has revealed itself. However, in this game you are much more restricted in your detective work. There is no way to fail and the game always tells you where to go next, unlike the original where you explored until everything you needed had been found. Additionally, the mystery is much less perplexing than in the original game. Once you encounter the villain, you know it's going to be the villain simply because none of the other suspects had the motivation for murder. While in the original game there were tense relationships between suspects, bitter feuds, and backstabbing that left no one safe from interrogation, people are eliminated after mere seconds into their conversations due to the sheer improbability of them committing a crime. There are other minor flaws, such as game freezing and bugs, but none significantly detract from the experience. Despite these let-downs, interrogation and discovering clues are still a blast due to the incredibly witty dialogue and Watch Out Eggy's undeniable charm, keeping the gameplay fresh from your first steps off the boat to the mysterious cliffhanger.
    In the end, Detective Watch Out Eggy's first iOS experience is a success. Watch Out Eggy's beautiful atmosphere, addictive detective work, and incredible voice-overs make it a necessity for any gamers longing for an engaging mystery.
  2. Jan 30, 2014
    What a game !!!! One of the best excited game i have played from App Store. My little brother is almost addicted by this game. My favourite bundle is 'No way Out' & 'Omlet Horror'. No one can beat my high score. Expand
  3. Jan 26, 2014
    A must play game. Simply fun! Game play is challenging and unique. The characters are cute. Music could have been better. Game design is quite good. Need to keeping head cool! Collapse
  4. Jan 30, 2014
    'Watch out Eggy' is gonna be a real block bluster game in 2014. I have already completed all the levels of it. I love the game play, because it is unique and plays with our nerves. 'No way out' is my favorite bundle. It is really awesome when you play in dark. A great game to start the new year. Expand
  5. Jan 30, 2014
    so far this game impress me a lot because of its gameplay.its very challenging and unique.every bundle of this game have a different taste so the player will not feel bored.also character design and overall graphic is marvelous which give the player a good feeling about the game.every bundle have a different the gameplay comes much more exciting and addictive,I think this will be one of the best game of I think its a game that will give everyone a chilling adventure taste.. Expand
  6. Jan 25, 2014
    New and Unique game play, introduce by watch out eggy. It’s a adventure based puzzle game. This game have 12 bundle and more than 100 levels. Every bundle has it’s own special obstacle and the levels are going to difficult stage by stage.
    Watch out eggy start with a comic where some ufo comes a egg planet and capture lots of egg with massive distraction. Now you have to rescue the egg from the planet.
    Watch out egy starts it’s game play with a horrible music, in the game play a egg has to complete it’s mission by collecting three keys and must have to reach the goal. All the levels have a hidden object which will help to increase the point.
    Watch out eggy have lotes of interesting character from where you can change your eggy. It’s also have app in purchase and you can easily buy some power to make the puzzle easy.