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  • Summary: [Introduction]

    Whack-a-Halloween is a classical game to improve your reflexes. You are a ghost buster whose mission is to hunt and destroy the ghosts coming to town at Halloween night. Be careful not to hit the young witches, they are our friends.

    As an optional feature, you can save your
    highest score to our ranking server and compete with other players around the world. Try hit high score and be on top of the list!

    Hint to earn high score: use as many fingers as you can to tap the ghosts; get bonus points by hitting more than one ghost at the same time!

    [Scoring rules]
    More than one ghosts and witches appear then disappear at the same time. Yout get 1 point for the first ghost, 2 points for the second, 3 points for the third and so on. You lose 1 point for hitting the first witches, 2 points for the second, 3 points for the third and so on. All points are summed up for the final score.

    [About ranking]
    The highest score you have achieved since playing Whack-a-Halloween may be sent to the ranking server. Please type in your nick name (this is not necessarily your real name; you can pick up whatever you like) to be listed in the ranking table. Your ranking information is displayed in pink color to differentiate it from those of others so you can figure out which one is yours even in case other people happen to chose the same nick name.
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