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  • Summary: Whamble is an addictive online word game. You have 2 minutes to find as many words as possible in the word grid: * Words must be longer than 2 letters * Letters must be next to each other (in any direction, including diagonal up, down & backwards) * Letters can only be used once within a word * Bonus points are awarded based on word lengthYou can then instantly compare your score against other people playing. Unlike other word games, whamble generates the letter grid with many long words. Starting to play is easy - there is no logging into complex systems, connecting to Facebook etc. Just enter your gamertag (your gaming name) and play!Why play: * The grid of letters isn't just built up of random letters. * It's full of long words - typically there are dozens of words greater than 8 characters long. * You're not playing in a vacuum - you're playing online and can compare your scores against other players. * It doesn't require logins to Game Center, Facebook etc. All you need to do is to enter a Gamertag (your gaming name) to start playing. * There is no waiting for the next game to start, you can start playing again as soon as you want. * It's game play it compelling, addictive & fun!Download and enjoy! Expand
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