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  • Summary: See whether you have 'What it Takes' to beat your opponents at the NEW addictive and educational word and number game!!! If you love words, love numbers, and love competing, you need look no further!

    Play the premium version of What it Takes! ★ EARN XP, BADGES, LEVEL UP!

    Not ready to commit? Play 'What it Takes - Free' to taste our word and number magic.

    Simple and fun game play that brings together both words and numbers for maximum enjoyment!


    ★ Compete against your opponents in quick and easy 1 minute rounds...

    WORDS ROUNDS - Make as many words as possible from 7 random letters.
    NUMBERS ROUNDS - Reach a target number using 6 smaller numbers.
    CONUNDRUM ROUNDS - Solve a 7 letter anagram as quickly as possible.

    ★ Challenging and fun. A perfect game for playing with friends and family. Convenient turn-based game play lets you play when you want to and where you want to. Casual gaming at its best.

    ★ Earn experience points, level up and earn badges when you play...

    Complete a game and earn XP points! Earn badges and level up with XP points!

    Play for long enough and you might just earn the title of Supreme Master and be awarded our Special Golden Badge!

    ★ Personal profile screens...

    Statistics and Top Scores are recorded, and you can view your opponent's profiles, so you can check and compare how well you and your friends have played the game!

    ★ Facebook Log in...

    Log in with Facebook to invite your closest friends to play!

    ★ Game freedom...

    Create games by entering a Username or pressing Random, and play up to 20 games at once!

    ★ Mobile Push Notifications...

    Never miss a game! When it's your turn to play we'll send you an alert.
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