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  • Summary: Are you surrounded by brands and logos and you think you know them all? We’ve selected dozens of logos in separated industries to challenge your knowledge! If you are someone who pays attention to your everyday life, see if you can guess out all the logos in the “Life” pack. Or else if you assume yourself to be a fashion person, see if you can get all the logos in the “Beauty” pack. And of course, there are much much more to come!!!Features:* Colorful user interface, excite your brain and enlighten your day with this fun game!* Themed packs, if you are able to get every pack right, then you are the unquestioned know-it-all logo master!!* HELP, we can support you with various ways of help, you can buy the helper props or ask your mighty friends about it, your choice.* REWARDS, yes we reward you with COINS for each logo that you’ve guessed right, and you can use your coins to help you get the answers or unlock future packs! * Suitable for all gamers, anyone can come and take a challenge, don’t underestimate others, grandma might beat you with this game!!* Dozens of logos for FREE and more and more are coming soon!If you have any thoughts on which brands and logos you fancy, or if you just want to make friends, feel free to contact us at :magicfantasyltd@hotmail.comYou can also like us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MagicFantasycoopFollow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/MagicFantasyltd Expand
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