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  • Summary: In Arcade-style action, you fly the Wirlygig across a galaxy populated with Golden Orbs, Energy Pods, Bombs, and hardened Space Barriers! Harvest the Golden Orbs for points! Gather Energy Pods and gain health and power! Avoid the bombs! A single explosion merely harms the Wirlygig. Hit a few and the Wirlygig is no more! (Until you tap the screen).

    The flight of the Wirlygig is hindered by the Barriers. Gain enough power and they can be destroyed (more points!).

    What level of difficulty are you capable of? At the highest, the bombs don't just sit still ... they come after you!

    There are 10 star fields in each level. The first ten levels are selectable. You must fight your way to even higher levels.

    How far can you progress?!

    Are you up to the challenge?!

    Credit for background images: NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA). (http://hubblesite.org/)
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