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  • Summary: Get ready for zany arcade action with a unique color-matching twist! Wispin introduces a new type of gameplay that's unlike ANY other game on the app store... now in HD for iPad!

    "Wispin is a breath of fresh air in iOS gaming" - TouchArcade.com

    The innovative "Touch Color
    Wheel" acts similar to a joystick - slide your thumb around to change Wispin's color on the fly. Matching an enemy's color will allow you to defeat it, but you'll have to think quickly and watch out for enemies and attacks of differing colors!


    - Wispin HD features newly-expanded environments formatted for the iPad, and new iPad-specific control options!

    - Stylized cartoon graphics and animations in beautiful High Definition!

    - Two endless gameplay modes, Achievements to unlock, statistics tracking, and Game Center leaderboards!

    - Wacky weapons (including bombs, arrows, and CHEESE), powerups, bonuses, and an escalating multiplier/combo system!

    - Gameplay that starts slowly so all types of players can learn the ropes, but eventually progresses to be more chaotic, challenging, and super intense! (Even for advanced players)!

    - Customizable game options including joystick and tilt controls!

    - Color Blind and left-handed control support!
    (Check the options menu)

    - Your purchase helps support our Indie Development efforts and continued improvements to the game!

    - It's fun on a bun!



    "Much to our delight, Wispin has put a unique spin on the genre and made something pretty special and fresh. It looks like a cartoon come to life and plays like a dream." - GameZebo.com (4.5 out of 5)

    "Wispin is a gem of a title that lacks any real comparison, but once you're in it's hard not to keep coming back." - AppSpy.com (5 out of 5)

    "Wispin does something decidedly different from the norm, and ends up being a whole lot of fun because of it." - TouchArcade.com

    "Stock up on all of your daily needs before you buy the game, because once you start to play there’s no time for anything else." -iPhoneAlley.com


    For more about Wispin, check out: http://www.wispingame.com

    Send any problems, questions, suggestions, and warm-fuzzies to: feedback@grumpyfacestudios.com We read ALL emails! :)
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  1. Mar 27, 2011
    There's still enjoyment to be had here, but it probably won't occupy you for very long. If you do need a five-minute time waster, there are other, better games out there for the iPad. Wispin is far from terrible - and has a couple of really awesome ideas - but in such a crowded marketplace, you need more than that.