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  • Summary: Did you know that Cusco is in Peru?
    Who is the basketball player with the highest career points per game average? It's not Mike!
    Who warned the Trojans about the Trojan Horse yet no one believed her?
    Which is the oldest automobile brand still in existence today?
    Which name means bee?
    bald? dog? fond of horses?
    What is a bitmap? mpeg? avatar? cookie? lol?
    Why one of Jupiter's moons is called Amalthea?

    Word Search is one of the most known word puzzle games. It's a great way to pass your time and enrich your vocabulary.
    The game depends on the player's observation and thinking abilities in order to discover words hidden in the letter grid.

    Word Search Plus adds an educational dimension to the game. When you finish a game, you can look up the Details page to learn what the words stand for

    Word Search Plus Features:

    -"Infinite" number of games, instantly created

    -5 difficulty levels with the hardest levels initially locked

    -23 categories with thousands of carefully selected words
    The categories are: cars, US cities, computers, basketball, female names, male names, animals, sports, motor sports, actors, music, Internet, Greek mythology, countries, cooking, fruits, colors, professions, birds, sea, flowers, wine grape varieties, world cities

    -Definitions of words for selected categories (cars, US cities, computers, basketball, female names, male names, motor sports, Internet, Greek mythology, countries, wine grape varieties, world cities)

    -Auto-save, so that you won't lose a game you started

    Note: In order to post your score to Facebook and see more games from Webst, you must have an active Internet connection

    Your opinion is important to us. Please send your questions or comments to info@webst.gr
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  1. Apr 3, 2011
    Perhaps I'm too old-fashioned for my own good, but I prefer the tactile sensations of scratching pencil across paper. Other than the potential learning experience Word Search Plus can offer, there's not much else that allows this app to stand out.