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  • Summary: Time to go on a Word Search Saga!Choose a category and find all the hidden words.Want to test your word searching skills against common words?Maybe you want to try those skills against sport related words.17 Standard Puzzle Categories2 Bonus Packs - Containing 9 Puzzle Categories TotalInfinite Puzzle GenerationEach game you earn points based on how fast you complete the puzzle. A score of 1000 points represents completing the puzzle in the allotted time. A higher score indicates you completed the puzzle quicker and a lower score means it took a bit longer to complete. Each puzzles score in a category is added to the categories score and your progress to mastering that category is shown in the main menu. Will you be able to master all the categories?Word Search Saga plays on a 10 x 11 letter grid and uses letters up to 10 letters long and no shorter than 3 characters. To ensure you have the most fun the game also prevents complete words inside of other words. Puzzle size ranges from 6 to 12 words randomly chosen at puzzle creation.Some categories by the nature of the topic have small word list for puzzle generation where as other categories have massive word list. The word list size effects the variance of words to find in the puzzle and as such some categories can be a bit repetitive (ie: Big Cats - there just not that many big cat species). Expand
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