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  • Summary: Did you know CWM is a word? Or that SH, HM, and OI are all legal plays? How many players do you know use ZUZ and ZEK to score mad points with the Z? The next time you’ve got an open triple letter score next to an M and you’re staring at a rack of seven consonants, will CWM jump out at you? It will if you download Word Tools and learn these incredible score-busting words!The objective of Word Tools is simple: teach you all the legal 2- and 3-letter words to improve your score by 100 points or more. Word Tools does this through fun, targeted exercises on your mobile device. You don’t need to memorize a sheet of paper that you probably left in your bag at home, nor do you need to search for your game’s word list online. Everything you need is in Word Tools:-Your choice of word list: OWL2, CSW12, or Words With Friends-Fun, unique exercises to cement these critical 2- and 3-letter words into your memory-A simple and intuitive user interfaceWord Tools is NOT a cheat application. You cannot plug in your rack of letters to identify your best mathematical score. Instead, Word Tools is designed to give you the ability to RECALL these critical short words from your memory in real game situations. The bottom line is Word Tools works. If you want to learn all legal 2- and 3-letter words and you don’t want to memorize a spreadsheet, then download this app. Get better at your favorite word game while in line for coffee, waiting for your next meeting to show up, or before you go to sleep. But don’t take our word for it…Testimonials from Word Tools users:“In about two weeks, Word Tools improved my WWF score by 110 points. I was amazed at how much better I got.” – George in Los Angeles, CA“I go to a regular club meeting and typically score about 250 points. In my first club match after I used Word Tools for a few weeks, I beat one of the better players with a score of 346.” – Rachel in San Francisco, CA“These exercises are so simple, you wonder if it’s working. But when I got into games I realized I could identify these words in my rack so easily so I just started playing them constantly. What a great tool!” – Jason in London, EnglandDownload Word Tools and improve your game NOW! Expand
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