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  • Summary: WordSaladLT is the ad-supported version of WordSalad.

    WordSaladLT is simple to learn and fun to master. Touch any letters on the grid to form words. The application of one's extraordinarily elongated vocabular will be handsomely compensated by tremendous augmentations in your game
    summation. Clear the entire grid to earn a substantial bonus!

    WordSaladLT knows if any possible words remain, even if you don't. You have the option of using one letter words to assist clearing your letters, but disallow them if you wish. Refresh the same grid with a shake or get a new set at any time. Want your letters sorted? Just double tap anywhere outside the grid!

    Challenges expert and novice word puzzlers alike. You'll be unable to get your fill of WordSaladLT!

    Thanks to everyone who has purchased WordSalad or downloaded WordSaladLT. If you've been enjoying the app, a review is always great, but feel free to contact me at support@rndapps.com with your feedback.

    - Four levels featuring 4x4, 5x5, 6x6 and 7x6 grid sizes
    - Comprehensive list of 276,000+ words based on ENABLE2K
    - Searches for remaining words and provides hints
    - Rearrange letters around the grid manually
    - Double tap outside grid to sort letters alphabetically
    - Tap selected letters to deselect
    - Words checked against dictionary on the fly
    - Shake to restart current game
    - Includes UK English words
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