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  • Summary: World Flags (Quiz) application - offers you the fastest and most efficient way to study the names of the COUNTRIES, CAPITALS, and FLAGS through a dynamic and exciting game! - Do you think that you are very good in this topic? This technology will check on your speed and will give an objective assessment about your knowledge. - You can arrange a competition with your friend and see who of you know better the political map of the world! - Become an expert in the capitals of all the countries, even of the smallest and not well known countries in the world which have complex and funny names! _________________________________ Supports Retina Display for the new iPad »» World Flags (Quiz) - is the best way in a short time to prepare for the exam or for the test on the subject of geography. Instead of trying for a long time to memorize incomprehensible words and trying to make various association schemes - lively and interesting quiz using your device. The game is a kind of learning test, which gives you the possibility of memorizing easily and qualitatively all the interrelations between names: - 4 categories of questions according to different topics identification: - countries according to the flag of the country - flag according to the country - country according to the capital - capital according to the country - Four possible answers to each question - Time Limit - 10 seconds per question - The quicker you give the correct answer, the more points you get for it. - Questions are divided into 3 levels of difficulty, in order to choose according to your knowledge and abilities. - Possibility to answer wrong 3 times before you lose the game. - Possibility of keeping the history of results for each game. You don’t have to force yourself to learn, just play, enjoy the joy of victory and remember your mistakes. Very soon you will feel that you began to operate with your knowledge much faster and more confident. This application gives you the possibility of spending the time in an interesting and useful way. You can play alone or with your friends, guessing the correct answers all together. In any case, you will have adrenaline and a lot of positive emotions when you will pass to the next level. »»» Have fun and develop your ability to remember. Expand
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