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  • Summary: World War II: Heroes of Valor is here! Finally, a unique and original game you can have a lot of fun with! Our goal is to supply gamers with the nostalgia of an old-school DOS era game, while maintaining a modern and user friendly interface.Features:Authenticity - All of the members of Normandy Games recently toured the battlefields of Europe, such as Bastogne and the Maginot Line, to ensure we can reproduce in great detail what it was like to actually be there Replayability - Randomly generated character names, gripping dialog, multiple paths, and experience points! Statistics - Keep track of your kills, gain experience points, and rank up from private all the way to general! Weapons - There are a wide variety of historically accurate weapons that you'll come across during the game. From the famous M1 Garand, to the awesome M2 Flamethrower! Camp - While you're not on a mission, take a walk around camp! Get a nice meal of creamed beef from the mess tent, pay a visit to the latrine, and check out your logbook to see your statistics!Storyline - Feel like you are actually on the battlefield, right from your iPhone Old DOS feel - Nostalgia of a DOS game, with a modern, user friendly interface Satisfaction - We aim to make this the most satisfying $0.99 you spend on the app store! Download World War II: Heroes of Valor, get your serial number, and enlist today! Have any questions or comments? Have any ideas for us? Email us at And don't forget to like Normandy Games on Facebook!Normandy Games: Making text games cool again. Expand
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