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  • Summary: Xpandaballs is a simple but incredibly addictive puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will have you saying, “Just one more game!”.

    ******** What people are saying ********
    I know a game is good when I need to write a review of it and I find myself saying, “Let me
    just play it once more first.”...I highly recommend Xpandaballs; it has earned a permanent spot on my iPhone. (9/10)
    Amelia Sauter - appcraver.com

    Xpandaballs delivers an incredibly addicting gameplay experience... Xpandaballs is scored a well deserved 5 out of 5!
    X1Zero - iphoneincanada.ca

    .... I can see myself playing this game – however frustrating – for hours, trying to master the puzzle....
    Jackie Judge - appstruck.com

    .... looks mind rottingly addictive and definitely one for high score hounds....
    Fraser MacInnes - pocketgamer.co.uk

    Fire a ball into the playing area and use the 5 different types of balls to destroy each other, but be careful, when a ball stops it expands to fill the space. Don’t leave yourself with no room to play, if a ball comes back and hits the boundary line you lose a life, lose 3 lives and its game over! Submit your best scores in each of the difficulty levels for a top place in the global leaderboard.

    - Simple and addictive game-play.
    - 5 ball types, each behave differently.
    - 3 levels of difficulty.
    - Global high score leaderboard.
    - Bonus points for destroying multiple balls.
    - Resume previous game.
    - Background music and sound effects (or listen to your own music).

    Ball Types:
    - Normal (Red) – Default ball, nothing special here.
    - Speed (Green) – Travels faster than normal. Give more room when firing.
    - Power (Blue) – Destroys any ball with a single hit. Great for combos!
    - Black – Harder to destroy but worth 2 points, even more in combos.
    - Golden – Special ball that can bounce off the boundary line. Use wisely.

    Xpandaballs is based on the game 'Gimme Friction Baby' by Wouter Visser.

    Puzzle, Games, Addictive, Addicting, Expand, balls, Expandaballs
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