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  • Summary: ***INTRODUCTORY OFFER - HALF PRICE*** Your favorite yard games can now be played on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Yard Games contains four of the most exciting and fun games. You can choose between: - Cornhole - Horseshoes - Bocce - Lawn darts Play against a computer, compete with a friend, or test your skills in a head to head challenge in the tournament mode. ------------------------------------ GAME MODES Practice - Play against yourself to hone your skills 1 Player - Play against a computer on varying levels of difficultly 2 Player - Play against a friend (all players use the same devices) Tournament - Compete in 5 levels of difficulty. As you advance, the opponent gets better, the wind gets stronger, and advancing becomes more and more challenging ------------------------------------ FEATURES: Realistic Physics - Knock your opponent’s bags off the board or yours in the hole. Wind - Varying levels of wind make it more difficult. And if you’re a wuss don’t worry, you can easily turn off the wind. Top View & Bottom View - Switch between top view and bottom view to get a better angle on any of the games. Difficulty Modes - Set the computer’s level of difficultly to easy, medium, or hard based on how challenging you want your game to be. Add Some Spin To Your Throw - Maneuver around the playing field by adding spin to whatever your throwing. Switch Up The Scenery - Change the setting of your game from grassy backyard, snowy landscape, or beachfront party. Flexible Game Length - Change the length of rounds or points you want to play to. Expand
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