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  • Summary: 'Are we there yet?' the Journey Game

    If you have ever heard that said on a journey or trip no matter how long or short, then you need this family game app to make sure you never hear it again, or at least not 500 times before you have left the end of the street!

    Keep the kids
    occupied and interested on the journey, they might not want to arrive! Yellow Mini is a fun interactive game that all the family can enjoy together in the car on the way to Grandmas or the shops or holidays and trips to the coast. We play it with our kids, in fact it is down to the kids, that we developed this as an App, as they often want to play with their friends and love finding different vehicles to include. A simple identification and points game that let's kids of all ages participate and enjoy. Play as teams or play by yourself, it really does make those long journeys and boring trips, much more interesting, even for Mum and Dad. ------------- The idea of the game, as set out by my 8 year old Daughter and 5 year old Son is to choose different and unusual vehicles to spot throughout a journey. Each vehicle having a score, based on how rare they are and therefore how difficult it is spotting one. There are very few Yellow Mini's, so the score is high, Red Fire Engine's you can spot every where, so the score is average, but a Pink Limousine, wow that is rare, so that get's serious points. It's simple to play and easy to set up. You keep scores for specific journeys and you get to know who is the best spotter on the leader board. ------------- How to Play 1. Choose you teams or individual players, then choose the image 2. Give your journey a name (Trip to Seaside) 3. Choose 6 vehicles from the range included. Depending on where you are and what type of journey you are on. 4. Choose between the time you want to play or the distance you want to play. 5. Start the game 6. When a player sees 1 of the 6 chosen vehicles, tap on their name / image, and then tap on the vehicles image that they spotted. Points are added automatically to that team or player. 7. When you reach your destination or the time has run out, you can see who is the winner. Or watch the clock and countdown to make it more exciting. 8. Have long games or short games but always have fun spotting things on your journey! ------------- POINTS Pink Limousine100 Yellow mini75 Yellow Bus50 Black taxi25 Ice Cream Van25 Yellow Taxi20 Red sports car20 Fire Engine15 Police Car15 Ambulance15 Any Mini15 Green Truck10 Expand
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