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  1. Jun 22, 2012
    Yesterday is as dark as a summer's day and as funny as a kick in the teeth. The puzzles are poorly designed and the story barely even makes sense. Leave this one in the past.
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  1. Oct 31, 2015
    I'm really not sure how to judge this game. I played the Android version of Yesterday (Which. I assume, is similar to the iOS version), andI'm really not sure how to judge this game. I played the Android version of Yesterday (Which. I assume, is similar to the iOS version), and it's relatively good, even spectacular. But again, relatively. Relatively to what the smartphones devices currently have to offer.

    The thing is, I know this is originally a PC game, and is just ported to Android. And surprisingly, it actually changes the way I look at this game.

    What would it be then?

    Yesterday is a traditional point and click adventure game. That thing alone makes is rather unique as there aren't many games like this made especially for smartphones! And I mean an actual full adventure game, not just random escape-the-room puzzles or some mini-adventure with an inventory, a few locations and some notes scattered around. That's actually the classic kind of adventures with a character which is able to wander around, talk to people, collect items, solve puzzle, and there are even cutscenes and serious story.

    Therefore Yesterday brings a unique experience to mobile devices with its cinematic storytelling, challenging puzzles and game progression and a pretty long playtime. For a mobile game.

    And why do I keep mentioning it? Because this game looks pretty damn good when there are very few like it around. BUT on PC, when there are hundreds and hundreds of similar adventure games, old and new, there's much more competition, and here Yesterday may easily grow pale with shame.

    While still being an alright game, if you're an experienced player in the genre you'd simply be unable to ignore Yesterday being so mediocre at times, even when compared to earlier products of Pendulo Studios.

    Compared to other products of the genre, Yesterday is a pretty short game. Shorter than what you'd usually expect, anyway. While I thought the background story as a whole was very good and interesting, I found its execution a little poor, with unlikable characters which don't really develop much, weird to mediocre script at times, and generally, storywise, Yesterday isn't all that good. At least not with presenting its story. And that's the main factor of adventure games.

    I would still give it a high rating because I did play the Android version, and I did enjoy this game, the story kept me going, even though with long breaks in between. It can be very enjoyable, it really depends on your expectations and how you choose to look at the game.

    The graphics of the game are lush and nice to view (although I really didn't like the characters' models style), the sound and music are alright and atmospheric enough, there are slight touches of humor from time to time which keeps the experience light and fun, and the puzzles, which are perhaps one of the most significant things in the genre can actually be pretty engaging and entertaining.

    There's also a hint system in case you're stuck, which is always blessed in my opinion.

    I'd recommend playing this game on a mobile device, especially if you like playing adventure games on it. Somehow it makes you treat the game less seriously, and that's how it should be played to really enjoy it, I think.
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