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  • Summary: DescriptionThe Ragnarök is approaching! Save the cosmic ash tree and prevent the evil forces from destroying Yggdrasil!Yggdrasil is a co-operative game in which you play the rôle of a Norse god (Odin, Thor, Tyr...). The gods must join forces and co-ordinate their efforts to repel the invasion of their enemies in Asgard.If Evil is defeated, the players win all together. If not, the defeat is collective and it heralds the end of mythical time.Goal of the gameDuring the ultimate fight between the Gods and their Enemies, you have to face the relentless advance of the monsters on the cosmic tree.You will have no respite from the challenge for, each round, a monster will move forward and will frustrate your cleverly hatched plans. You will have to fight the big wolf Fenrir, the goddess of the dead Hel, Loki the traitor or the awful giants. For that purpose, you will need the help of the dwarves who supply you with artifacts, elves who support you in combat, the vanir with whom you must negotiate. The obtaining of the viking souls in Midgard and the management of their number will be decisive. Nine worlds will be at your disposal to get the key that will allows you to postpone the end of time. Link your actions together strategically and you will be able to bring Nidhögg the snake feeding on the root of the tree, Surt the flame demon or Jörmungand the gigantic water snake down.Do not forget the magic of the runes and your divine powers, the last-dish key to your victory.The application will offer you to choose the difficulty level of your game. According to your progress, you will unblock 3 new gods (Frigg, Vidar and Balder) and new special cards.Will you be able to prevent the destruction of the worlds from happening?InformationThis application is the adaptation of the famous board game Yggdrasil.Yggdrasil is a game designed by Cédric Lefebvre and Fabrice Rabellino, illustrated by Pierô and published by Ludonaute.Ipad development is made by Stéphane Legrand.?1 to 6 players?duration of a game: about 30 minutes ?fully adjustable difficulty level?every game is new and challenging! Expand
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  1. May 14, 2012
    Yggdrasil is giving Elder Sign a serious run for its money in the field of board games I most like to play solo. It plays beautifully on iPad, and looks nearly as good as it plays. Most of all, I enjoy Ygdrassil because it's a game that gives me a good measure of control over my fate, and the fate of the world by extension.
  2. Jul 30, 2012
    Due to the steep learning curve, Yggdrasil will not be to everyone's taste and does require a lot of patience. It does reward though with one of the better hard-to-master thinking-man's board games out there. Although for the impatient amongst you, it will punish.