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  • Summary: Have fun catching the balls and flipping the screen in this insanely addictive new game!


    Tilt the screen to catch the balls that are shot your way by the weird-green-alien-thing (actual scientific name) and see how high you can get your score before losing all lives! But beware -
    every now and the aforementioned alien creature will start shooting in the opposite direction so you must quickly flip the screen to carry on eating!

    Immerse yourself in the retro chip music for a truly enjoyable gaming experience!


    Green balls - +1 point

    Red balls - Lose a life

    Miss a green ball - Lose a life

    Purple ball has the following special advantages:

    - Bonus - +20 points
    - Bogus - -5 points
    - Slow - slow down for a short time
    - Fast - speed up for a short time!


    Work your way through the game, and follow Night Leaf on Facebook and Twitter to upload screenshots of your high scores!


    'Nice little creative game... The graphics are great and sort of retro slick... I swear I've heard the audio before, but its catchy :) The game is fun... It's elegantly simple, theres not a ton of menus... It's hard, it starts off simple, but it builds up fast and I love it.'

    'Bright graphics with kick-a*s sound track, a nice little pick-up-n-play game.' - 4/5 AppVader
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