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  • Summary: "Yoot Tower" is based on the PC game "The Tower",
    which has sold over a million copies worldwide, and has been redesigned for the iPad's touch-based interface.
    Assuming the role of a building manager, the player edits the building, designating areas for offices, retail
    shops, and transportation.
    The key to gameplay is managing the stress levels of people waiting for elevators.
    If residents have difficulty moving around the building, they will leave, lowering the amount of rent income the player can work with.
    You must manage the accessibility, security, and amenities of your building as you try to expand it.
    If you can create a pleasant atmosphere, the population of your skyscraper will continue to rise, and once the population reaches 15,000, you may well witness a miracle in the cathedral that sits on the top floor of your great tower.
    Changes for the iPad version include the limiting of city settings like the Security Room, Recycling Facility, and Parking Space to one per building.
    Tapping such items allows their size to be adjusted left and right, expanding the puzzle-like aspect of the game.
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