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  • Summary: Stop drifting ships and avoid arrows to cross the river. Can you make Yoshitsune's Hassou Tobi? [How to play] 1. Stop drifting ships! - Eight ships are drifted at each stage. - Press [STOP] button to stop a ship. - Stop a ship to overlap the yellow area of the ship and the black area in the center of the screen.
    ?Timing matters because it’s failure when the yellow area doesn't overlap the black area.

    2. Allow Yoshitsune to cross the river!
    - After all ships are stopped, [STOP] button will change into [GO] button.
    - Press [GO] button to allow Yoshitsune to jump from a ship to ship.
    (Once Yoshitsune starts going, he automatically crosses the river.)
    ?Timing matters because it's failure when an arrow hits Yoshitsune.

    [Game clear & Game over]
    When Yoshitsune succeeds in crossing the river within the allotted time, the stage is clear!
    - You will go to the next stage.
    - The more stage you pass, the more difficult levels.

    The game ends when you fail three times.
    - Your score and stage are automatically saved.
    - Press [Continue] to restart the saved stage.
    (When you press [Continue] button to start the game, your score will be slightly decreased.
    If you want to get a high score, press [StartNewGame] to play.)

    [The key to get a high score]
    The wider black area in the center of the screen, the higher score you get.
    - Stop a ship to overlap the yellow area and the black area as much as possible!

    Your score changes depending on how long the time gauge remains on the top of the screen!
    - The faster Yoshitsune crosses the river, the more score you get.

    [Trivia: What is Hassou Tobi?]
    Hassou Tobi is a super jump that Yoshitsune made in the battle of Dan-no-ura.
    He wore a Japanese heavy armor and jumped from a ship to ship.
    Yoshitsune's jump skill was extraordinary because according to the legend, the distance between the ships was six meters (about 19.7 feet).
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