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  • Summary: Tired of searching aimlessly through the App Store?

    Can’t find what you’re looking for because sometimes you don’t even know what you’re looking for?

    Just want to be able to find COOL, FUN and INTERESTING apps that are buried deep below the regular popular apps but
    don’t want to feel like that is what you’re doing or find that incredibly boring? THIS IS THE SOLUTION! You Don’t Know Apps! is a surprisingly addictive GAME that challenges you in a fun, quick and sometimes really tricky way to identify the App Store category that corresponds to a number of random app icons. You get 3 “cheats” to help you get through all 15 questions and rank the High Score but beware, trying to save your score multiplier with a cheat can have its consequences! In between each question, after you’ve made your choice (right or wrong), the time is paused to give you a chance to touch any of the app icons and see more information about it including: - App Title - Developer - Category - Version - Description - Star Rating - Price Selecting the price will take you directly to that app’s App Store page. Of course, you can always just click “Next” right away if you’re not interested. After any new game, whether you played through to the end or not, you can always go to the Options screen and check out your “Recently Seen Apps”. All the apps you saw during your last game are saved and separated by category so that you can see all the same information as when clicking the icon during the game. Again, selecting the price will take you straight to the app’s App Store page. You Don’t Know Apps! is the QUICKEST, SIMPLEST AND FUNNEST way to search the App Store! HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE APP STORE ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FEATURES: - Only game of its kind! (Yes I think that’s a feature in the App Store!) - Fun, simple (easy to learn but difficult to master) but challenging gameplay - 15 questions and 3 cheats: “Swap Question”, “Narrow To 4” and “See App Titles” - 4 different difficulty levels: “Easy”, “Medium”, “Hard” and “Utterly Ridiculous!” - See info for any app during gameplay (after you’ve made your choice – no cheating!) - See all recently seen apps separated by category anytime after a game - Options to see free apps, paid apps, both free and paid as well as to see only popular apps (top 150 of each category) or all apps - High Scores show total score, time and difficulty Expand
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