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  • Summary: FREE FOR LIMITED TIME ************************************************************ No. 1 App in Hong Kong, Macau No. 1 Educational Game in Hong Kong No. 1 Kids Game in Hong Kong Top 100 Educational Game in 26 stores Version 1.1.1 - New English class (10 categories of vocabulary, and more are coming!)
    - Math class made more FUN by adding inequality to equations (Real Challenging!)
    - iOS4.2 tested


    “You Dumb? I Dump!” is a cool family game for both adults and kids, testing your Math / English capabilities in a funny way.

    There are 3 difficulty levels for you to choose. "Easy" level is for kids. "Hard" level suits those who want to challenge themselves. Challenge your friends too! "Normal level" is in between.

    In the game, you play a role as the teacher. There are 9 students sitting in front of you. Equations will pop out from their heads. However, simple equations like “1 +1”, students cannot get them all correct!!

    Moreover, the latest version includes up to 10 English lessons for you to choose. Each student will try to spell out an example word in the chosen category. However, not all the students are so smart to get it right.

    You are the only one to penalize the students! Don’t hesitate to throw dusters at students whose calculations/vocabulary are wrong!! Throw As Many As You Can!!!

    Throw dusters at students who are wrong, and simply ignore the students who are right. Very simple!!!!

    Tap the student to throw duster!!!!!
    Try it!!! If not, you will definitely look dumb!!


    Main Features:
    - Learn Math and English in an interesting way
    - 15 lessons for you to choose
    - Upload Score to Facebook!
    - 3 levels of difficulties to choose
    - Easy Control
    - Unique sound effect
    - Unlimited number of dusters (Just throw continuously!!)

    More games by XNT are coming – Visit for updates.
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