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  • Summary: This is YOUR FACE for iPhone / iPod touch -- the famous caricature creator ---------------------- Your Face is not only a challenging puzzle/skill game, it's also a great fun app to make crazy cartoonish caricatures of your face or those of your friends: - In "Challenge mode" you have to match up the shown face with a small draft, by selecting the correct hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth and beard out of a tile-set of 12 tiles per organ. The time you get to make your match will decreases from level to level.

    - In "Freestyle mode" you can take a Portrait from anyone (any person? -gh) with your cam or select one from your photo library and pimp it up with our unique, all pen and paper drawn face tile-sets and save it to your photo library to share it with your friends or use it otherwise.

    If you know the original flash game by finefin, you will immediately feel at home, as we used the original hand-drawn graphics from that project and ported the game to the iPhone/iPod touch with slightly adjusted controls to provide an extraordinary casual touch screen experience.

    This is what people said about the flash version:

    "...I can see someone getting addicted to this on their lunch hour easily..." EagleRock?

    "... it looks so hand-made which sets it appart from the crowd." -- Krystman

    "this was added to my favorites, because it is a crazy peice of AWESOME." -- PantyWipe?

    This app will be real fun for children from age 9 to 900.

    Main features:

    - Game and fun-app all in one
    - Unique Graphics all drawn by hand with real pen and paper
    - Top ten high score list
    - Store caricatures to your photo library

    Stay tuned for our planned updates:
    - worldwide leaderboard
    - online gallery

    -visit our website: canupa.com
    -follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/canupa
    -watch our videos on YouTube: youtube.com/canupacom
    -add us on Myspace: myspace.com/canupa
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