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  • Summary: Do you want to battle with Standard chess? Brush off the cobwebs with a 1/0 blitz? Have a quick game of Suicide? Or throw the opening book out the window and let ingenuity and quick thinking take control by playing Fischer Random?

    Your Move has you covered.

    Connect to the Free Internet
    Chess Server (FICS), one of the oldest and largest chess servers on the Internet, and meet countless guests and over 300,000 registered players, playing thousands upon thousands of games all day, every day.

    * Find opponents to challenge you at all skill levels from Beginner to Grand Master.
    * Create your own seeks, or join tables created by other players.
    * Find out just where you went wrong, or right, using the interactive history browser. Tap any move in the history to jump to that point.
    * Play and observe multiple games simultaneously. Yes, simultaneously. A swipe across the game board switches the view to another game.
    * Share your games online.
    * Chat about chess.

    red82 is proud to have created the fastest and easiest to use FICS client for the iPad.

    Your Move.

    Note: Your Move does NOT have integrated AI. You can NOT play against a computer, you can NOT play without an internet connection and you can NOT play locally against another person. Your Move is strictly an FICS client.
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