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  • Summary: Zac is there to watch you unscramble his 5 letter words. Zac will dance if you do good. Go as fast as you can because the faster you are the higher your score. Activate your Gamecentre to climb the leaderboards.Zac offers 3 modes of play.TIME: You have just 20 seconds to unscramble each words. If you fail to do this or don't use an available skip, your game is over. You play for as long as you can stay alive.WORDS: No time limit on each word. But a time limit of 3 minutes per/game. Use up 3 skips if you need to. Try to unscramble as many words as you can in 3 minutes.MILLIONS: This is the same mode as WORDS, only your score is based on words, not speed and will accumulate over time. Meaning it wont reset. You aim is to reach 1 million points. Be the first to reach 1 Million point and you'll win AUD$1,000. Please read Terms and Conditions.Millions Mode Terms and Conditions1.There can be only one (1) winner.2.The winner will be announced here on this site and also featured in a Zac Words App update.3.Competition is over once a winner is announced.4.Players MUST be using an Apple iOS device to compete.5.Players MUST activate and enable a Twitter account and allow Zac Words to periodically tweet their progress scores.6.Players must activate Gamecentre and appear on the Million leaderboard.7.Once a player reaches 1,000,000 points, in Million mode, they must send an email to the on screen address containing the winning code.8.The winning player will receive AUD$1,000 paid via the PayPal.9.This promotion is in no way associated with Apple or the iTunes Appstore.10.Players can follow the leaderboard in a numbers of ways. The in app gamecentre, via twitter following @zacwordsmillion and hashtag #zacwmill11.Players have the option to upgrade their word point value via in app purchases. The 3 options are +1, +4 & +9. These values will be added to the current word value and will enable players to reach their goal sooner.12.Attention those of you wanting to hack, cheat and lie. The email address and winners code is not currently in the app file. These will be included in an app update once the million point mark is getting closer. The leaderboard will be closely monitored and all contenders will be known and logged.13.Good luck to all players. Expand
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