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  • Summary: Save! Special introductory price of $1.99 until July 15, 2011!Kids! Join Zachy and his friends, the Repairbots, as they fix things and help you learn about science! In episode 1: The Leaning Tower of Robocity, Zachy and the Repairbots must find a a way to fix a skyscraper that's starting to lean over. Join the Repairbots on this exciting, fun-filled adventure and help them with their mission before its too late and the skyscraper falls over!Parents: Zachy the Robot is an interactive cartoon series that introduces children ages 3-7 to basic STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) concepts. The first season of episodes will teach kids very basic engineering skills. In episode 1, Zachy and his friends will teach your children about balancing structures. Through a series of interactive puzzles and Q&A segments, children will learn about different aspects of balance which will ultimately inform them on how to help the Repairbots fix the Leaning Tower of Robocity before it fall over. The purpose of this series is not to train 3 year old structural engineers, but rather, to get kids interested in these subjects early on so that later in life, they may be more inclined to pursue a career in a STEM field. Or at least pay attention in math and science classes in high school and college!Zachy the Robot combines the best aspects of children's educational television and educational games to create a fully-animated, interactive learning experience that will keep your children fully engaged in the story and the learning process. They will have so much fun playing with Zachy and his friends that they won't even realize they are learning!The educational lesson plans of the Zachy the Robot series were developed and tested in cooperation with the Carnegie Mellon University Children's School, a leading research preschool and kindergarten that specializes in early childhood education and development. Collapse
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