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  • Summary: ? BANNED FROM SALE IN 53 COUNTRIES WORLDWIDE? FINALLY RE-RELEASED ON THE APP STOREDISCLAIMER: Zalgo will be available for limited download. Due to high levels of fear factor and explore to horror elements within the game an age rating of 18+ is required. The creator will Not be held responsible for an after effects as a result to playing this game.????? "I have never been more scared in my life"????? "How did this get released. Adult!"????? "Scary as f***, regret playing it"Zalgo is an Internet legend about an ominous entity believed to cause insanity, death and destruction of the world. Explore the world, the house, crack the code. DO NOT DIE.Zalgo is often associated with scrambled text on webpages and photos of people whose eyes and mouth have been covered in black.. T???o?? ì????nv??????o?????k?????e?????? ??t?h?????e????? ?????????i????v??????e??????-m????í????n??????d????? ?????r????????ep?r???????e?s?e???????n????????t???i?n?????g??????? ?c???????h????????a???????ó??????s?????.????? ????????I???n????v?????o?k???????i?n??????g? ???t???h???e??? ?????fe????e???????l??????i????????n??g??????? ?o?????f???? ??c???????h?a???????o??s??.??????? ????????W???????i????t???h???????? ???o????????????t???? ???????o?????r?????d????????e????r??????.????? ??T???h?????e??? ?N?e???zp????é????????d?????i?á????n?? ????h?????i??????v???????e???-m??????i?n???????d?? ?o?????f?? ??????c????h??a???????o??s????.?????? ??????Z???????a???????g?o???.????? ??????? ????????H??????e? ?????w?????h?????????? ??????W???????a????i??t?????s??????? ????Be????h??i????????n??d? ???T????????h????e??? ???W????????l??????l???????.? ?????Z???????A?????L????????G???????O???!????? * Expand
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