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  • Summary: *********The best puzzle game and strategy game of year********************Zombie Garden is Landing on AppStore*************Once upon a time, there was a peaceful and beautiful magic garden. Suddenly, a zombie broke everything! The guard battle between the native garden citizens and invading zombies is starting:In your Garden, you score more points and build more advanced game-pieces by mathcing three or more adjacent identical pieces:three sprouts make a bush, three bushes make a rosebud, and then lotus……Would you wanna figure out what the ultimate piece looks like? Let’s play it!Other Game-pieces you need to know:Zombies: Walking zombies will be generated randomly. Since they will occupy your game space gradually, your should try to trap them.Drops: If you have two matching identical items already, you can use a holy water drop as a "wildcard" to upgrade. Otherwise, the drop will turn to a beautiful crystal.Warehouse: A space in which you can store one piece, and withdrawal it later. Since its volume is limited to one, we recommend you to store the most valuable piece in it and withdrawal at the right time.Pumpkin bomb: A bomb can destroys anything.Elementary  Instructions & Tips:1.Tap on the ground to place current object.2. Tap again to confirm its place. Three identical items will compose an upgraded one. 3.Suitable items will hint you with jiggle. So, tap again to confirm.5. Once matched, the new item will show up where your last step ends.6.A zombie comes! Place it down.7. The zombie becomes a cross when it is trapped!8. A pumpkin bomb! Put it in your warehouse if you don't want to use it.9. Want to store sth new? Swap your items by tapping your warehouse.11.A Bomb can destroys anything. Select an item to blast.12. Congratulations! You've learned all skills in the Zombie Garden. Now your garden citizens await you. Start building it right now!Q:What is your goal?Maps Available:1. Popo Village 2.San Avila's3. Dead Land (Ghost Land)4. Lord Castle5. Nutshell 6. Villa Town 7. Frozen IsLandThe Popo Village is defaultly unlocked. Try to score the given points and unlock the next battle field! Remember!Your goal is to keep your garden going as long as possible before you run out of space and steps . Triple Garden will definitely be the best puzzle game and stategy game of year. The game can be pretty easy to start with, but it need real skills and thinking if you want to score some serious points and climb up the leaderboard.Play with strategy to place each piece. You will soon be addict to Zombie Garden.For more insctructions and help, please follow us on Facebook:Twitter: Expand
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