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  • Summary: Get 40,000 Gold FREE for a limited time - Sponsored by APPODAY (Save $3.99)Download APPODAY to get more great deals like this for FREE.Gold will be given out on Tues 10/16.Blood-Splattering Action Fun!A zombie infection has spread throughout the town. Hundreds of citizens now roam the streets, hungry for flesh. Amidst the chaos, Andrew has lost his daughter, Lisa! Help him rescue civilians and find his daughter while solving the mystery behind the strange zombie appearances! Filled with explosive zombie-killing gameplay and a storyline with twists and turns, players won’t be able to put the game down! FEATURESSIDE-SCROLLING ZOMBIE KILLING ACTIONSimple yet so satisfying gameplay with easy controls and nonstop action will have you glued to your screen! ENDLESS VARIATIONS OF WEAPONS AND MACHINESChoose from a wide collection of weapons you’ll use to zap, burn or explode zombie guts! Bazookas? Flam throwers? We got it. ADD NEW CHARACTERSAlong the way, you’ll meet a strange cast of characters. Add them to help you in each quest and eventually find Lisa! NEW STAGE CHALLENGESClear new stages with different challenges that are time based, technique based and so much more! Defeat bosses and unravel the mystery of the zombie invasion!--------------------- NEWS & EVENTS Website http://www.gamevil.com Facebook http://facebook.com/gamevil Twitter http://twitter.com/gamevil YouTube http://youtube.com/gamevil Expand
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  1. Oct 15, 2012
    Zombie Gunner is a well-made game that will get players ready for both Halloween and the inevitable zombie apocalypse.
  2. Oct 15, 2012
    But it's a shame that the game doesn't realise how ridiculous it is. Visually it's so over the top that you're waiting for some humour; an in-joke or two, or some sort of nod and wink that it knows exactly what it's doing. But it never comes, with everything instead being played completely on the nose.
  3. Oct 15, 2012
    Is it a by the numbers effort? Yes, but much like fast food, it still manages to satisfy, and the fact that it's still cheaper than anything on the dollar menu is a plus.