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  • Summary: Why can’t our past presidents have a little fun on Independence Day? Welcome to Zombie Presidents Attack - Independence Day of the Dead!It’s Independance Day and everyone is having a great time - and then some of America’s past presidents come to crash the party! Zombie Presidents Attack is a fun, new and addictive game for the whole family to enjoy - laugh as some of our greatest leaders rise from their graves to celebrate the patriotic day for one last time! This festive day wouldn’t be complete without some water balloons - but don’t worry: our zombie presidents have brought them along too! The fireworks are blazing and the crowds are cheering - enough to make any President want to join in the fun. Play as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt and more as they join the fun of the 4th on an epic adventure of mass proportions! Some say that presidents don’t have a fun life... well, what’s to stop them when they are dead? These zombie presidents won’t bite - they will just ruin your BBQ with their gigantic water balloons. Throw your balloons at unsuspecting Americans as they prepare for the wild night ahead! Jump and throw using the intuitive control scheme - it’s easy to pick up and play... so everybody can join in with the fun! Collect Liberty Bell coins to unlock all of the zombie presidents and collect special bonuses for even more coins! This adventure is crazy and a whole load of fun! The game features uplifting music that is simply perfect for the wonderful day and stunning graphics that pop like fireworks from your device’s screen! Let’s celebrate the 4th of July - with our zombie presidents! Play Zombie Presidents Attack - Independence Day of the Dead today! - Celebrate Independence Day...by throwing water balloons to cause chaos! - Play as some of our most beloved Presidents... featuring Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Ted Roosevelt and more!- Throw water balloons at unsuspecting party goers!- Earn coins and unlock all of the zombie presidents!- Enjoy the fun and cheerful music in addition to the playful graphics. Expand
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