Extreme-G Nintendo 64

  • Publisher: Acclaim
  • Release Date: Sep 30, 1997

Generally favorable reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 8 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
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  1. 73
    Extreme-G is a slick arcade racer ... while it can't quite compete with the graphics, physics and control of Wave Race and Top Gear Rally, it is a solid and well-designed game that is sure to appeal to action and racing fans alike.
  2. The Extreme Contest can get pretty fast and furious. Again, the Extreme G gameplay is much different from similar-looking racing titles. The bikes are firmly planted on the ground, and the game is as much about battling opponents as it is about racing, giving it a very competitive feel in more ways than one.
  3. If you enjoy futuristic racing with action-packed gameplay and insane track design, look no further. Extreme G is the game you've been waiting for. This game won't set the world on fire, but it's got what it takes to be fun and exciting.
  4. The biggest problem is that you cannot die. Sure, your cars have shields, but I never noticed any difference from using a heavily shielded car as opposed to a light one. The penalty in the unlikely event that either your shield runs out or you fall off the track is that you have the start from a stopped position, losing a few places in the race. I'm sorry, but if you drive your car into a pit of molten lava, you're not getting back out again.
  5. 90
    Extreme G will keep N64 racers sated until F-Zero 64 debuts. While it's not the deepest or most original racing, it will still take you on a fun ride.
  6. The tracks! Wow! The first ones... well, they''re okay, and they seem fast, but they're not really anything you won't have seen before - that's for the first one or two. But from then on... hold onto your hat, or rather, hold onto your lunch! If you thought rollercoasters were bad, try this! Loops, dips and multiple junctions that make it possible to take a different route for every lap of the race.
  7. I support the XG revolution. Come join at super-human speeds, inhumane weapons that go boom in the night, and the best locales this side of Jamaica and Mars put together. There's even a track that looks like Mars Attacks meets The Wizard of OZ...I'm not makin' that up either.
  8. What a classy, clever package. Without a doubt, Extreme-G has the coolest futuristic atmosphere I've seen on the Nintendo 64. Probe may have lifted design ideas for its game but they obviously took the time to borrow from the best. Extreme-G is simply magnificent to watch.
  9. Extreme-G is what more titles should strive to be: something that is just plain fun to play. What it is about this game that makes it so great -- maybe it's the fact that the control is very precise, maybe it's the sheer thrill you get from traveling at 400 miles per hour on a sleek, futuristic cycle, or maybe, just maybe, it's the thumping bass beat that makes the racing even more enjoyable.
  10. Whether it is the competitive edge in the one player mode it lacks, or the graphical style that has been employed - Extreme-G somehow doesn't beat "Wipeout 2097" in the entertainment stakes.
  11. Extreme G was a great idea for a game, but I liked it better the first time I played it when it was called WipeOut XL. Despite its lack of originality, XG manages to stand up well against the many other n64 racers out there.

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#8 Most Discussed N64 Game of 1997
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 16 Ratings

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  1. May 28, 2012
    This game was fun with friends.