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  • Summary: It's you against 29 other machines competing for the title of F-Zero X Champion. You're racing at speeds of over 1,000 km/h high above the atmosphere. Your competition comes from every corner of the galaxy and won't shed a tear at the thought of smashing you off the track. With four-player simultaneous gameplay and the Rumble Pak accessory, you have the fastest racing game on the N64 system! Expand
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  1. The framerate and action more than makes up for the slightly less than average graphics. This is a title that no self-respecting N64 owner should pass up. Nintendo has created the first true N64 classic since Mario 64.
  2. 91
    In the grand scheme of things, F-Zero X will probably appeal to older gamers more, who want pure racing over arcade frills and still have a soft spot fot the original F-Zero. An excellent update to the grand daddy of cyber racers that only suffers under its generic look.
  3. F-Zero X is a terrific update of a classic game that deserves the attention of anyone who owns an N64.
  4. This is quite possibly the best racing game I've ever played. It doesn't have the glitz of some other racing games, but it has one thing that's been sorely neglected. Speed. Lots of speed.
  5. Just like all of the best Nintendo games, the more you play F-Zero X, the more you'll appreciate its subtleties. It may not impress you at first glance but I can assure you, this cart is packed with gold.
  6. You'll love the speed of the play whether it's four player or single. Also there's plenty of options including an elimination death match, time trial etc. I like the fact that you have to unlock the game. It kind of keeps you interested that way.
  7. Practically flawless from a technical standpoint, the biggest thing missing from F-Zero X is that it lacks a soul.

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Score distribution:
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  1. May 10, 2012
    This is my favorite game of all time.

    Maybe it won't be as good for you but this game has it all. Speed, perfect controls, great
    atmosphere, ultra smooth frame rate and a death metal soundtrack that will make you think how on earth did Nintendo release such a hardcore game? Who cares about the lack of backgrounds? The races are supposed to be high on the sky or the stratosphere. The lack of backgrounds and spectators give this game a nice feel of isolation and danger. Nobody will come to help you if your ship is destroyed and if you get off the track... well... you are dead.

    Amazing game
  2. Jan 8, 2014
    My all time favorite racer. Even though i love F-Zero GX, F-Zero X holds a special place for being the first video game i have ever played. This game is a high-octane racer and has one of the best multiplayer offerings on the N64. The soundtrack is one of my all time favorites and the course design still holds up to day. The best racer on the N64. Expand
  3. Apr 4, 2014
    I daresay, the critics who criticize graphics are out of the league. I mean, sure, it's less than normal games (especially the bill-boarded/imaged graphics), but you never see such metallic graphics in cars. Even if you go 600 MPH, the graphics of the track are pretty cool. The metallic graphics match the sky, and are high quality, even if far away. 60 frames per second? Oh yes. GREAT! Barely lagged below 60 F/S. it's nice for varied challenges, and the death race is completable. use side attacks L+L. very lovable, even the Wii version (virtual console)! love the heavy metal music. and Rainbow Road? PSYCHEDELIC! awesome night sky and graphics. virtually controlling your flying. i mean, there is a lot to love about this **** Expand
  4. Dec 26, 2012
    When I first turned this game on, I was amazed at how buttery smooth the frame rate was. The great sense of speed while going up against 29 other racers was worth the toned down graphics and compressed sound. The music was nice to listen to and I would say it is some of the best for the N64 out of all the games. The controls are very tight and responsive, the learning curve here is minimal, but they do feel copy and paste for every vehicle. The tracks are quite varied and creative, with 24 tracks spread across 4 cups and an unlockable X cup (random track generator), making for great replay value. The difficulty is quite high, but very rewarding with many unlockable drivers - 30 in all. Single player also featured practice, time attack, and a really neat death race mode, where you have to take out all the other drivers as fast as you can. Multiplayer supports 4 players with no frame rate drop or weird limitation to speak of. There are also some customization options available for this mode. If you also count the disk drive expansion, you also get a track and ship creator as well as new ships for some of the characters. There were a few downsides to speak of, though. The graphics and detail in everything was downgraded, the AI at times can be pretty unfair (although not impossible to beat), the frame rate did suffer just a tad when the race got congested, and bumping into walls and other drivers caused me to slide, which was pretty annoying.
    Those aside, the game has a lot of longevity and fun, handles well, and has an amazing sense of speed. As a fan of racing games, I consider F-Zero X as the best racing game for the N64, just beating out San Francisco Rush 2049 by about a third of a Falcon Punch lol. In all seriousness, it is an amazing and challenging game. I highly recommend it. 9.3/10
  5. Feb 28, 2013
    Best racing game. Fast and smooth. You can play it 4players and its still smooth. At such hi speed the controls are perfect. Has also nice music. Easily on of the best N64 games. Expand
  6. May 22, 2012
    Almost unlimited game play. You had to win every cup in every difficulty mode with every ship (and there were many). In addition, the last cup always generates random circuits which gives you virtually game play without end. On the other side, the graphics were very plain (below the N64 possibilities). Expand
  7. Jul 1, 2014
    Although the rest of my family never seemed to care much for this game I used to love it as a kid. 30 racers on one track was all kinds of awesome and it was just mayhem. Great music, track design and a butter smooth frame-rate made it really feel super-fast. Visually it was a little plain however but that's a minor gripe! Expand

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