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  1. Hercules is a great quest adventure game, but it has been dwarfed by the previous two releases of the Zelda quest series.
  2. If you like your N64 titles simple and charming, and can live without strategic game play or thoughtful graphics and sound, than this scaled-back version of the TV show is right up your alley.
  3. 69
    This game has a lot of potential and some good ideas, but it falls short in the execution.
  4. This aspect aside, the game has a typical "walk about, search for keys, flip a switch, search for power-ups" feel that never seems to pull any major punches. If you've got nothing better to do, consider renting it.
  5. Fans of the show or Greek mythology will enjoy controlling the familiar characters. Hercules isn't godly, but as a whole it's a decent adventure.
  6. We're left with an adventure that is decidedly mediocre, if not blatantly substandard, and the end result tends to induce boredom rather than anything else.
  7. The son of Zeus should not be dropped into the most generic and bland series of environments that make the hellish pit of New Jersey seem as diverse as the Amazon rain forest.
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  1. AbaaR
    Nov 6, 2002
    It is not a hit but it's cool I like the way he punches his enemies.